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Tender Tool
Speed/Temp Surface Monitor Pro Trac Ultra-Brite Tender Tool



                     Tender Tool (complete kit)                                            

The TENDER TOOL is an innovative new hand-held meat tenderizing system that is fast and mess-free.  The TENDER TOOL meat tenderizing system includes:  the TENDER TOOL, the TENDER BOARD, Large and Small Burger Presses and a Snack Stick/Breakfast Link Press.  The TENDER TOOL features 8 independently rotating discs with over 150 tenderizing probes used to separate meat fibers for juicy, tender meat.  The TENDER BOARD features over 250 tenderizing probes to help get the job done even faster.  The TENDER TOOL used with the TENDER BOARD allows the user to marinade and tenderize in one easy step.



Place meat on Tender Board and ROLL with the Tender Tool!  It is easy and mess free.

Simply place the meat on the TENDER BOARD, pour your favorite marinade over the meat and roll with the TENDER TOOL.  This product is great for individuals that prepare the popular low-carb high protein meals.  The TENDER TOOL meat tenderizing system is an item no kitchen should be without!


To request information on this product please e-mail:  info@kell-labs.com